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Incredible benefits that gardening will bring you

1 de February de 2021 0

Gardening is more than just a hobby. In fact, people who enjoy gardening have many proven benefits. Even if you are not an amateur or professional gardener, you should take advantage of and enjoy the various benefits that this activity brings.

Gardening has many recognized benefits, and you can experience them by creating and caring for a vegetable, fruit, or herb little garden. These are some of the mentioned benefits:

Gardening improves your mood

When you take some personal time spent in the garden, or terrace/balcony, your anxiety level decreases and you may start to feel less depressed. One study* looked at the benefits of gardening over many years, through a 12-week experiment, in people diagnosed with depression. The researchers measured various aspects of mental health before and after the intervention, including symptoms of depression. They found that each participant’s symptoms improved significantly. Then, they monitored them, who agreed to take surveys for months, and found that the improvements persisted.

Gardening strengthens

Gardening is considered an exercise because it requires some small muscular tasks, like mowing the lawn or raking, which would be light exercises. You can also dig, prune, and cut wood to change this level of movement to moderate. All of these tasks ensure that you build muscle, which can help you build strength. Over time, you will use all the important gardening muscle groups, and this is one of its main benefits for the elderly.
Gardening can also help you sleep up to seven hours a night.

May relieve chronic pain

Many people suffer from chronic joint pain. These become stiffer, which makes people less likely to move them because it causes more pain, and this can end in an incurable loop. Gardening can help relieve some of the stiffness caused by chronic pain. You can start small by having, for example, a Mediterranean herb garden in your own home, and take care of them every day. Planting, watering, and maintaining herbs will help you move your joints, which can reduce some of the symptoms. If your chronic pain is caused by arthritis, exercise can help increase pain resistance and reduce some inflammation.

Reduce stress levels

Another benefit of gardening is that it reduces stress levels. It can help you recover after a stressful event. One study*** made a group of people feel stimulated by stress. Then they broke into small groups and were asked one to work in the garden while the other group read quietly. The researchers then tested the stress hormone levels in each person and found that those in the gardening group were lower than those in the silent reading group.

It can help you eat better

The price of fresh vegetables produces skyrockets in the off-season months, causing many people to consume canned vegetables. One of the benefits of gardening is that you can harvest a lot of vegetables without being a professional. There are dozens of easy-to-grow vegetables that you can eat later this year. You can even find new vegetables that you have never tried before, and the food you get is free from pesticides and herbicides. If you live in the right climate and grow it, you can eat fresh organic vegetables and fruits!

It can improve your self-esteem

A little busy life can cause you to lose self-esteem. One of the benefits of gardening is that you can boost your self-esteem naturally and quickly. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done gardening before and aren’t sure if you’re good at it: plant your seeds, water and fertilize your garden, and then watch them grow. As more plants grow, your self-esteem will increase. Completing new tasks brings great feelings and the garden, moreover, will give you opportunities to learn many new things.




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